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Suddora Mouth GuardsProduct Introduction

Sports activities across the globe are very popular. The extensive coverage accorded to various sports events and matches by television is proof enough to prove the point. Hundreds of television channels are dedicated to sports, where millions of viewers watch the game. Some more privileged people watch the playoffs at the sports arena itself. Hundreds of magazines, books, blogs on this very subject finally concur with one unified view of the spread and appeal of sports in everyday life.

Sportspersons play indoor as well as outdoor games. In outdoor games there are instances when mishaps occur, resulting in physical injuries. Protective gears were developed and used to avoid or at least minimize physical trauma. One such protective gear for sportspersons is a mouthguard. This version of protective gear is mostly used in a category known as ‘contact sport’. Boxing, Ice hockey, etc. are games where players tend to tackle others, finally resulting in sort of injury on facial region or mouth, due to physical impact. In such situations mouthguard is the best bet to avoid injuries to the teeth or gums. Medical experts, dentists and sports administrators have all agreed to formulate rules for compulsory use of best mouthguards to avoid dental trauma. The American Dental Association has recommended to sports organizations to get mouthguard for their players in ‘contact sport’. There are many types of mouthguards available in market through numerous brands. All of them offer protection to mouth, but their manufacturing technique, corresponding price structure and resultant efficacy vary. Suddora Mouthguard is the Best mouthguard . It comes in custom fit.

Product Details

  • Boxing Mouth GuardSuddora is a Sports Protective Gear for mouth protection.
  • Sizes: Child and Adult
  • Variety: Custom fit
  • Packing: Packaged in Closed case with vents
  • Grip Rings: Present
  • Safety Grade: Made from special POE material.
  • Packed Weight: 1.4 ounces
  • Color: Available in 10 Bright shades.


Suddora Mouthguards are one of the best mouthguards available in market and have many advantages:

  • They automatically ensure snug fitting to offer complete protection to teeth and gums. Suddora Mouthguards easily mold to accommodate teeth of all shapes, sizes, and contours.
  • Presence of Grip Rings on bottom adds to additional snug fit and corresponding extra safety to teeth.
  • The product comes with closure case for storage after use. Special vents are provided in the closure case to facilitate air circulation. Bacterial build up is thus avoided during storage.
  • Fitting to child’s mouth can be easily achieved by cutting the edges.
  • Full range of colors are available. Individuals can select the color as per its aesthetic appeal.


  • Mouth Guard For SportsThere is hardly any disadvantage. Impaired breathing or speech can occur with any mouthpiece. Mouthguards are worn for safety in sports and these are certainly not worn while delivering speeches.

Sportspersons have to get mouthguard for their own protection. Presence of best mouthguards during playoffs in contact sports can certainly reduce dental trauma. However, certain guidelines for day to day usage are required to be kept in mind:

  • Use of worn out equipment is dangerous and must be avoided. Individuals are advised to ensure that they do not use worn out gear.
  • The guard should be rinsed with water before and after every use.
  • This protective gear needs to be kept in a sturdy container. The container must have air vents to avoid bacterial build up.
  • The Mouthguard should be kept away from direct sunlight. Direct contact with hot water also must be avoided.


People willing to play contact sports without compromising personal safety can certainly enjoy the activity with use of Suddora Mouthguard. However, while using the mouthguard the do’s and don’ts have to be followed.


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