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Sisu Adult Mouth GuardProduct Introduction

Mouthguard is a device that can be used for protecting the mouth. Many games, which involve contact of upper torso and face very often, are played around the world. During the play, players are exposed to risk of jerks or blows to facial parts including mouth. In such an event, injuries to teeth, gums, lips and arches can be a common spectacle. The sport of Boxing is a prominent example where the risk of mouth injury is very high. Organizers and participants in other games like soccer, gymnastics, roller derby, skating, and martial arts also felt urgent need to incorporate protective gear for mouth to minimize dental trauma. A mouthguard was the solution available at hand. The American Dental Association has already recommended to get mouthguards in all ‘Contact Sports’. Last couple of decades saw impressive progress in the field of mouthguard production techniques. Invention of novel materials for creation, refinement in manufacturing techniques and continuous research in enhancing product quality has resulted in the availability of best mouthguards in the market.

Various sports controlling bodies have issued recommendations from time to time to ensure safety of individuals. Research in dental care has additionally contributed towards the improvement in mouthguard production and usage. The practice of using mouthguards has substantially lowered the instances of mouth and dental injuries. Even during eventuality of dental injury in contact sports, the severity is identifiably minimized, as per the findings of competent organizations. Thus the solution to problem of dental trauma is to get mouthguard.

Product Details

SISU Mouthguards are available in many combinations:

  • Thickness: 1.6 mm and 2.4 mm
  • Color: Available in wide range of attractive colors covering the full color spectrum. Snow White and Charcoal Black are also available.
  • The product is BPA (Bisphenol A) free and Phthalate free.


Sisu Mouth Guards for AdultSISU Mouthguard is among the best mouthguards available, with many advantages:

  • Two thickness sizes are available. The product of 2.4 mm thickness is a sturdy proposition. Usage of this variety is capable of withstanding major impacts during most contact sports.
  • The product of 1.6 mm thickness fits into mouth with greater ease. The strength of this product is enough for most users.
  • Both products fit perfectly well into the mouth giving full protection. Other human activities as drinking fluids or talking while wearing SISU Mouthguards are perfectly possible. Breathing is also comfortable.
  • Availability of the full color range ensures aesthetic satisfaction for choosy customers.
  • The product range conforms to hygiene standards. The finished product does not contain BPA. It is also free from phthalates as recommended by authorities.


  • The product is preformed. People having uncommon contours of the gums and teeth in the mouth may not experience cozy fitting. Mouth protection in such a situation will be affected. Such people will have to go for custom made mouthguards for them.


Need for using mouthguards is well understood by everybody. Spreading public awareness through various means has ensured that people who are exposed to mouth injuries during sports or other recreational activities, make use of mouthguards. Presence of best mouthguards during those moments can certainly reduce dental trauma. However, some guidelines for day to day usage are required to be kept in mind:

  • Wearing out is a natural phenomenon. The mouthguard also may wear out after prolonged use. Use of worn out equipment is dangerous and must be avoided.
  • The guard should be rinsed with water before and after every use.
  • This protective gear needs to be kept in a sturdy container having vents for air circulation.
  • The mouthguard should not be exposed to direct sunlight or hot water.

People who are willing to play contact sports without compromising personal safety can enjoy the activity with use of SISU Mouthguard keeping in mind Do’s and Don’ts. Make a well informed decision considering all hard facts. Best of luck!


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