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Gel Max Mouthguard - Shock DoctorProduct Introduction

A mouthguard is an equipment used by sports people and is a protective device that is used to cover the gums and teeth from the injuries. The injuries that happen to the teeth, lips, gums, and arches can be easily avoided by using the mouthguard. A mouthguard is also called as a mouth protector, gum shield, bite splint, mouthpiece or a night guard. The origin when the mouthguard was used is not sure, but boxing has been the main sport that has initiated and promoted the use of mouthguard. This helps as a cushion and protects the hardest blows from reaching the gums and teeth. Now the mouthguards have become the most essential piece of sports equipment that is mandatory in sports and involves any physical collision. The sports that use mouthguards are boxing, soccer, basketball, skating, and gymnastics. There are many types of mouthguards that are made today to meet the expectations of every person. A perfectly fitted mouthguard is very important for your mouth and prevents any further damage to your face and can lead to many orthodontic complications.

Product Details

Shock Doctor Gel Max MouthguardShock Doctor has been the undisputed leader in manufacturing mouthguards for the youth and they have proved to be a leading innovator in sports protection. Their advanced designs and technology makes sure that all players achieve better protection and comfort while they use them. The Shock Doctor Youth Gel Max Strapless Mouthguard is made for kids that are under 10 and the company has provided 11 colors to choose from. The Shock Doctor Mouthguard is made of multi material and is easy to use. This mouthguard is universal and is fit for ages below 10. It can be selected as per the personal choice and matched as per your sportswear. The ego-skeletal frame is a heavy duty frame which is made to last long and is a comfortable fit. The frame of the mouthguard is made for the internal shock absorbing and offers protection and is a perfect fit that outperforms the conventional mouthguards. This mouthguard is a perfect fit for the kids and they do not cut their delicate gums. This mouthguard fits better in the jaws and one can actually talk while wearing this. Shock Doctor Mouthguard has been the most comfortable mouth protector. You can get this mouthguard online. Not only the mouthguards are affordable, but they are available in different colors. The player needs to follow the fitting instructions when they are going to wear the mouthguard. The player needs the Gel Max mouthguard, boiling water, cold tap water, a mirror, a clock with a second hand, slotted spoon and a saucepan.


  • Shock Doctor Youth Gel Max Strapless MouthguardExoskeletal shock frame
  • Jaw pads
  • Maximum impact against the blows
  • Protection for jaws, teeth, and brain
  • Best for kids under the age 10
  • Available in 11 different colors
  • Can be personalized as per your sportswear
  • Available online
  • Fits great
  • The player can wear this and talk easily
  • Comfortable in wearing and removing
  • Stays in the mouth better for a longer time
  • Affordable


  • This mouthguard can sometimes be bulky for small kids.
  • For bigger kids it can be too small to fit.


The Shock Doctor Youth Gel Max Strapless is one of the best mouthguards in the market for kids below 10 years. Shock Doctor has created them with full passion and innovation for all types of sports equipment. Kids can pick their favorite color. You can consider all pros and cons and then decide if it is a right choice for you.


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