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Shock Doctor Double Braces MouthguardProduct Introduction

Shock Doctor Inc. is located in Minnesota and is the undoubted leader in Mouthguard technology. The Shock Doctor mainly deals in sports protection and the product performance is trusted by leading athletes. The products come with the latest technology and modern designs to meet the expected protection during playing sports. The products are popular amongst professionals and proletarians. Moreover, the application of pioneering technology produced the first ever Mouthguard which created a revolution in the sports industry.

Product Details

  • The Shock Doctor Mouthguard is not chewable
  • The Shock Doctor Mouthguard is made up of Polyurethane and medical Grade Silicone
  • The Mouthguard comes in two colors to choose from – Blue and Pink
  • It has quick release helmet bind
  • The Mouthguard provides ortho channel structure that advances breathing
  • The Mouthguard comes in the price range which starts at $14.98 up to $35.60
  • The Mouthguard comes in two sizes – Adult and Youth
  • It adjusts to tooth positions offering an instant fitting and protection
  • The Mouthguard does not require additional fittings and even doesn’t require boiling before use
  • It has breathing channels (built-in breathing option) for easier breathing and for letting free flow air inside
  • Fitting instructions should be followed while using the Shock Doctor Mouthguard for the first time
  • It is advised to use the Shock Doctor Mouthguard in front of a coach or an athletic trainer


The Shock Doctor Mouthguard usage is recommended for athletes with braces. The mouthguard is strapless and is latex free. It also meets the NFHS (National Federation of High School) wrestling requirements. The Mouthguard fits automatically for both lower and upper brace brackets. The Shock Doctor Mouthguard comes with a manufacturing warranty of one year from the date of purchase, but does not cover any dental treatments or expenses if incurred by the user. Any refunds/exchanges are usually processed in 3 to 5 working days of the receipt. For any incident occurred, Shock Doctor pays for the damages.   You can get Mouthguard details on the website. Customers can share their feedback, views, and complaints to Shock Doctor Inc through emails or calls. Consider all hard facts and then make a decision wisely to get the best mouthguard.


Utmost care should be taken while removing Shock Doctor Mouthguard as there is a risk of dislodging the braces. If the Mouthguard is chewed there is a risk of protection which may pose a further risk of its durability and fitting in future. The incorrect use of the mouthguard can cause damage to natural teeth or injury to the sound. Shock Doctor does not entertain any exchange/return from any store; any kind of defect identified post purchase should be communicated to the retail store from where the item was purchased.


Any events or mishaps witnessed while using the Shock Doctor Mouthguard should be communicated to Shock Doctor Inc within 30 days of occurrence of the injury or damage. Moreover, a statement from the dentist who might have attended the injury is mandatory. Also statement from a supervisor or game coach or school attendant is required who was present at the time of injury who should specify the position of the mouthguard at the time of injury. A written notice should include the details of the injury or damage, the store details and receipt and additional statements should be accompanied with a communication. Shock Doctor is not responsible for any loss, damage or injury which might occur due to substandard workmanship.


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