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Shock Doctor Adult Pro Strapless MouthguardProduct Introduction

The market leader in sports Mouthguard technology, Shock Doctor, Inc is located in Minnesota. It is the first choice for sports person or athletes who require performance as well as protection. The mouthguard is manufactured keeping in mind adult, youth, and children. It can be used for sports like football, basketball, baseball/softball, hockey, lacrosse, boxing, and soccer. In the year 1992, Shock Doctor’s first designed patent was rewarded for its science and technology. Post which the products manufactured by Shock Doctor have custom made advanced gel fixtures and multilayer technology that helps in delivering lightweight mouthguards.

Product Details

  • The Shock Doctor Mouthguard is compatible for braces
  • It is available in black color only
  • It also helps against concussions
  • The mouthguard is made of mid-density polyethylene, EVA and Krayton
  • The product dimensions are 5x3x1 inches
  • The mouthguard has verified dual combined construction
  • It has shock absorption fitted internally for protection
  • The mouthguard has jaw pads which again act as shock absorbers
  • It enhances breathing through inbuilt channels
  • A bumper fitted for shock absorption redirects impact from the front teeth
  • The mouthguard performs well with braces
  • The Shock Doctor Mouthguard is easy to breath, easy to wear, and does not hurt the jaws
  • You can get mouthguard online
  • The mouthguard fits well in the mouth
  • First time users should refer to the fitting instructions before wearing the mouthguard
  • Free shipping is offered on products purchased above $35
  • Post purchase of the mouthguard, it can only be shipped within the United States


The Shock Doctor Adult Pro Mouthguard comes in one piece, i.e. the top piece and is not required to be boiled before every use. Shock Doctor provides replacement warranty on the mouthguard within 30 days of the purchase. Dentists recommend this mouthguard for teeth cleaning purposes also. The mouthguard is comfortable and fits well. All Shock Doctor Products come with certificate of limited warranty and dental disclaimer. The warranty on Shock Doctor Mouthguards extends for one year from the date of purchase of the product. Under the warranty period in case of any injury or damage any dental expenditure is to be borne by the user. The user should always keep the store details, purchase receipt, and warranty disclaimer always handy. This is one of the best mouthguards available in the market. Check other websites to buy the mouthguard online.


Following the fitting instructions before wearing the mouthguard is imperative as wrong fitment might cause pain in the jaws. New users might experience the gel quantity to be on the higher side, giving a sticky feeling to the user. Another disadvantage of the product is that it comes only in one color making no color selection option available for users. Like most other mouthguard, this product does not come with a case or a holder. Go through all hard facts and then decide if it is a right option for you.


The discussed product is popular in athletes who strive or perform with perfection. Some of the athletes who are associated with Shock Doctor are Luke Ball, Akeem Ayers, Jake Gardiner, Jake Johnson, Nick Leddy, Carlos Santana and Sam Tomkins. The Shock Doctor Adult Pro Strapless Mouthguard outperforms traditional mouthguards. Go and get the Shock Doctor Adult Mouthguard for safety and protection..!


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