Brain-Pad 3XS Triple Laminated Strap/Strapless Combo (Black/Blue) ADULT0

Brain-Pad 3XS Triple Laminated1Product Introduction

Sports activities around the globe include ‘contact sports’ also. In this category of sports, the participants are most likely to come in physical contact with others. Many times the contact is in the form of collision, brushing, and thrust. The sport of boxing is a most striking example of ‘contact sport’. Other sports where players are exposed to similar situations are hockey, soccer, martial arts, or roller derby. Various types of protective gears are developed over the years to ensure safety of players like protective pads for safety of limbs or arms. Similarly, good protection for mouth is imperative. Mouthguards are developed to serve this very purpose of ensuring safety of mouth, teeth, gums and lips.

Sports organizations and researchers in sports medicine have strongly advocated the need to use protective gear for mouth. The American Dental Association has recommended that all participants in ‘contact sports’ should use mouthguards. Various surveys have clearly brought out the findings that instances and extent of dental trauma are substantially reduced in situations where best mouthguards were used. Hence the message must reach all players to appreciate the need to get mouthguards. Sports governing bodies have taken a lead in many cases to issue directives to observe minimum requirements of safety gears. Many companies have offered their versions of mouthguards. Many varieties are available. Basic functions of all mouthguards is the same, namely to offer protection to mouth, teeth, gums, and lips.

Brain-Pad 3XS Triple Laminated product is available with following features.

Product Details

  • Tri-thermoplastic design.
  • Full protection to base of the skull as well as to upper and lower teeth.
  • TMJ, which is joint of the jaw, is also protected.
  • Protection from lateral impacts provided by the wrap around front bumper.
  • The product offered in a hard storage case with handle. Antimicrobial properties ensured.
  • Available in two colors, black and blue.


The features enumerated in product details conform to the needs of mouthguard users. Brain-Pad Mouthguard would ensure perfect safety of users. Tri-thermoplastic design of the product ensures snug and secure fitting and cushioning lower jaw. The efficacy of Brain-Pad Mouthguard can be judged from the findings of the tests. It is proved that impact forces are reduced up to 40 % at the base of the skull and TMJ. Lateral impacts also are risky for players. This best mouthguard has provided front bumper in wrap around the form. This feature provides safety against such lateral impacts. Provision of hard case also ensures flawless facility for storage of the product after use.


People using Brain-Pad 3XS Triple Laminated mouthguards have opined that little impairment in speech or drinking is felt. However, this is a very minor issue. Any mouthpiece may create similar situations.


There cannot be two opinions about the need of using mouthguards during contact sports or even in situations where danger of dental trauma is foreseen. The sports arena has become more and more competitive. The stakes are very high during some playoffs. In such situations, players are more likely to have physical contact head on or laterally. All the area of the human body needs to be properly protected. Various forms of protective gears are developed and are in use in such sports. The efficacy of all forms and variations of protective gears are continuously evaluated and necessary changes are incorporated.

Users of Mouthguard have to take simple precautions while using and in storage. They are required to follow instructions provided by manufacturers and by coaches. Proper use would ensure avoidance of dental trauma. Practice of rinsing the mouthguard every time before and after use would keep the protective gear in good condition. The mouthguard also need to be kept away from direct sunlight and hot water. Once these precautions are taken, every user can have the pleasure and freedom of playing their favorite sport without the worry. All that is required is to get a mouthguard.


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